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Welcome to COSC349 for 2022

In this paper we will learn about the fundamental principles and technologies used to build cloud computing platforms and applications hosted in the cloud. We will explore how cloud computing works, how it is evolving, and how to best use it. This paper will teach you about the fundamental technologies used by cloud computing providers to build their platforms. You will also learn how to redesign software to use cloud computing.

Teaching team for 2022

  • Most lectures / some labs: Dr David Eyers
  • Some lectures / most labs: Pradeesh

Weekly schedule for 2022

  • Lectures (both)
    • Tuesday 1pm–1:50pm
    • Thursday 1pm–1:50pm
  • Labs (one of)
    • Wednesday 10am–12pm, OWG38—Owheo Lab F
    • Wednesday 12pm–2pm, OWG38—Owheo Lab F
  • Tutorials (held on demand; none in week 1)
    • Tuesday 10am–10:50am
    • Thursday 10am–10:50am

Assessment for 2022

  • Assignments = 40%
  • Final exam = 60%

Academic Integrity

In COSC349 we place high value on the principles of academic integrity, and view academic misconduct as a very serious matter.